1cooperation policy

Requirements for Agency
On the basis of “win-win business philosophy”, agents, who are willing to join in the Chins licKING Branded investment agency system, should be supervised by Xi'an ChunHeFang Import & Export Co. Ltd. and strictly abide by the Qin Foods Agency Policy &Management System. What’s more, agents should meet the following needs:
To comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the State Food operation, and highly recognized the brand value of Chins licKING and its products , and business philosophy.
Agent must be an independent legal entity,and must have food permission from the Health Agency.
Agent must have a certain financial strength, and without bad credit records (i. e. , corporate license copy, bank credit certification, the performance of the contract for nearly two years).
Agent should have enough marketing skills and channels (i. e. ,  sales group, sales performance of last two years , report of distribution channel)
Agent must have enough safety storage conditions (to provide the corresponding warehouse area and other information). 
Agent must have the professional working spirit and good sense of service. At the same time, agent can also cooperate with our company to carry out marketing activities, and provide customers with the appropriate services and support.

Agent can complete the first month or first year purchasing index  made by our company.

Process of Applying for Agent
The applicant can obtain the Agent Application Form by contacting with Business Invitation Commissioner through E-MAIL, telephone and other means. Besides, agent can also download on our company’s official website.
Ater filling in the application form, agent should send your company’s basic qualification materials (the copy form of corporate documents with red chapter stamped with ) to us through E-MAIL, fax, post, etc. 
Our company will examine the agent’s qualification. And, we will provide the Qin Foods Product Manual and Chins licKING Agency Policy &Management System  to agents qualified.
Furthermore , our company will arrange a personal interview about the introduce our company, Chins licKING brand and Chins licKING Branded products, and thus to further confirm the willingness of cooperating.
The applicant should submit additional information (the relevant qualification certificates involved in the necessary conditions that agents must have). Then, our company provide the agency price.
Through the final examination by the headquarters of Chins licKING and with no objection, the two sides will sign the agency contract officially. After this, the agent need make a cash deposit.
The headquarter of Chins licKING will issue a proxy authorization to agent by completing the first orders.

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