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Brand Operation Specialist     experience1-3年丨招1人 /本科/全职

Work area:
Yanta District, Xi'an

Salary range:
4 thousand -6 1000

Job highlights:
Weekends, weekends, five insurances, one fund, multiple salary adjustments, holiday benefits, regular physical examination, transportation subsidy and communication subsidy for start-up companies

Job description

Skill requirements:

Business English

Brand promotion

Brand operation

Attract investment

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1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above. Major in marketing and international trade;

2. More than two years experience in brand operation, promotion or investment promotion;

3. International market analysis and judgment;

4. Have clear logical thinking ability, good at communication, careful and serious.


1. Be responsible for carrying out all work of the brand exhibition center to ensure the normal operation of each area;

2. According to the arrangement of the Department Manager, carry out the brand promotion activities; assist the brand planning center to be responsible for the landing and reception of high-quality salon activities; be responsible for the preparation of product launches and domestic and foreign exhibitions; be responsible for the implementation of brand publicity;

3. Assist the Department to do a good job in investment promotion and complete the temporary tasks assigned by leaders.

Place of work:
31 zhangba'er Road, hi tech Zone, Xi'an
029-8918 9518