Chinese Toon Sprout Sauce

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Product Introduction:

Chins licKING branded Chinese toon sprout sauce is made of high-quality Chinese toon sprouts grown in Qinling mountains. With green bud and red edge, the Chinese toon sprout has bright color and rich fragrance, which is called “Tree Vegetables”. The Chinese toon sprout is more nutritious than other common vegetables, besides, it has high medical value, such as heat clearing, detoxification, stomach strengthening, Qi regulation(obstruction removal and circulation smoothing), skin moisturizing and eyesight improvement, etc..

Food Taste:

Open the cap, you will smell a strong fragrance of Chinese toon as if immersed in the breath of spring. A taste of it, you will be completely amazed at the unique flavor. Traditional cuisine method makes sure the best flavor of Chinese toon.


First grade soybean oil, Chinese toon sprouts, chilli, Chinese onion, sesame, white sugar, edible salt, anise, cinnamon, amomum globosum loureiro, amomum tsao-ko, additives (D-sodium erythorbate).
Food Match:

Mixed with rice, noodles or cold dishes

Applied to pancakes or steamed buns

Dipped with dumplings or vegetables

Stir-fried with rice cakes or prawns

Steamed with pork ribs or eggs

Braised with beef or tofu

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