Wild Pepper Sprout Sauce

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Description: Chins licKING branded wild pepper sprout sauce


Chins licKING branded wild pepper sprout sauce was made of the sprouts of wild pepper, also called “Dahongpao”,  grown in Hancheng, Shaanxi. The sprout leaves are bright green, spicy and delicious. They are the treasures of sprouts.

Food Match

Mixed with rice, stirred with noodles and cold dishes; Applied to pancake and steamed bun; 

Dipped with dumplings and vegetables; Stir-fried vegetables.

Storage Method

Stored at room temperature, kept in cold place after opening.

Nutritious Value

Wild pepper sprout contains a lot of amino acids and a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin B which is over several or dozen times than common vegetables. With these medical components, it can warm your stomach, induce diaphoresis, detoxify and sterilize when you eat in spring and summer. It can also effectively prevent oral inflammation.

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