Handmade Hollow Vermicelli (small plastic packing)

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Handmade & Hollow • Precious & Delicate


Tradition has it that in the Warring States Period, Emperor Ying Zheng, to unify the six states across the country, led his armies to fight days and nights and always could not take any food at all. One day, when marching at the south foot of Qinling Mountains, the sunny side of the mountain with sufficient sunlight, the Emperor saw an old man in a farmhouse at the roadside hanging a row of vermicelli as thin as hair; his appetite was raised and asked the old man to cook the vermicelli. After cooking it thoroughly and pouring the peasant pickled cabbage soup onto the vermicelli, the old man presented the food to the Emperor who felt a tangy sour fragrance and thought the vermicelli was fine, tasty and refreshing. The old man told the Emperor it is also called the handmade vermicelli, and because of its “long and thin” shape, it’s called the “Longevity Noodle”. After listening to the old man’s introduction, the Emperor felt very gleeful and rewarded the old man generously. From then on, local officials presented the handmade vermicelli as a tribute to the royal court in successive years and the vermicelli was listed as the top royal imperial cuisine health product. Since then, the hollow vermicelli has been passed down from generation to generation and enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad, receiving favorable comments in historical records.

Materials Selection

Chins licKING Hollow Vermicelli is elaborately made of high-quality wheat flour.


Chins licKING Branded Hollow Vermicelli is prepared in more than 10 steps. The whole production process takes about 20 hours. The flow is: kneading dough, drying, cutting, twining noodles, reeling, laying chopsticks, drying, dividing chopsticks, drying, hanging on big frame, drying and packaging. The processed vermicelli is smooth and can be boiled repeatedly but leave no milky soup.

Taste & flavor

As thin as the filamentary silver, the hollow vermicelli is easily boiled and gives off strong vermicelli fragrance during boiling. When you eat it, you will find it soft but chewable and taste the scent of wheat flour. A bowl of boiled hollow vermicelli is clean and chewy, soft and tasty, simple and digestible.

Food Ingredients

Fine wheat flour, salt

Food Matching

Mixing the boiled hollow vermicelli with the shiitake mushroom sauce, Chinese toon sprouts sauce and wild pepper sprout sauce will make the vermicelli not only delicious in taste but also abundant in nutrition and easy to digest. Eating the hollow vermicelli is quite beneficial to babies just having the complementary food, lying-in women confinement in childbirth and the elderly, improving anemia, boosting immunity and balancing the nutrition absorption.

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