Baked Steamed Bun (Pepper Flavor)

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Baked steamed bun has been popular in Qin dynasty in Shaanxi and Shanxi province for over 2000 years. With a unique artistic style and a complete creative system, it is made in various vivid shapes. In 2008, it was listed as national-level intangible cultural heritages. A gourmet said that steamed bun was a combination of art and cuisine, which embodies the fine and bright food culture of the Chinese. Baked steamed bun is made by roasting steamed bun on the fire. It is crisp and delicious to taste and beautiful in shape to look, which is popular among Chinese people.

“Chins licKING” branded baked steamed bun looks slightly yellow and tastes crispy. Its shape looks like flower. A taste of it, your mouth will be full of a strong flavor of wheat.


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