1Care for Autistic Children

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Care for Autistic Children

On 31st May, Chins licKING went to Xi 'an Xinxin Special child development center. And accompanied the children to celebrate international Children's Day in advance.

They are not deaf, but deaf to the sounds around them, not blind, but blind to the people and things around, not dumb, but don't know how to speak. Some people say that they are geniuses, because Einstein, Van Gogh, Newton and many other outstanding geniusesdid weird things before they died.Using modern medical methods, they are likely to have autism. Others say they are freak, living in their own world, like aliens,out of place in the world.

But after Chins licKING staffs arrived, the children became active soon. They played games, wrote and sang...hands in hands, very happy.

When we saw this scene, we have been very pleased with the teachers here,They must have done a lot for their children to make them be better.

Ms Zhang, the director of the center, welcomed us very much and thanked us for putting the children into action, she said:”The people who come here, no matter who they are, have done something for the children, to help them live a better life, and because of this, the society is more receptive to these children”

At first, the teachers hoped that the children could grow up and live their lives in the center. But now, their concept changed to try their best to transfer the children they served to the mainstream society and remove the special children they served as much as possible. Because most people exaggerate their specialisation,They gave up their education because they were “stupid”.

To make the special child "non-special", there are three metods.The first one is to let him learn to meet the social requirements of basic life skills, can live independently,The second is to let them be able to communicate with the society, that is to understand the “world-things”, the third is to be able to treat them with a normal heart.

Although the environment is very humble, the conditions are very difficult, but the teachers are very professional and dedicated, for the teachers’ quietly pay, we would like to express our high respect.

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