1Make gratitude an action

时间:Dec. 11, 2020, 2:21 p.m.              浏览:6538

  Time flies, at the end of 2020, the warm winter sunshine has gradually wiped out the haze of the epidemic, and Chins licKING public welfare activity has begun again.

  “Chins licKING” caring for sanitation workers public welfare activity” has carried out for four years. Sanitation workers are the defenders of the city, welcoming the first ray of morning sunshine, sending away the last evening sunset glow , holding their posts for the sanitation and cleaning of the city, and always dedicated themselves in obscurity. Because of the respect for them, our team has once again sent our hearts to the sanitation workers in this early winter.

  From 8th to 10th.Dec, we set off at 5:00 in the morning and sent our “Chins licKING” food gifts to the sanitation workers, who are working on the main traffic arteries in Chang'an, Yanta District, Beilin District, Lianhu District, Xincheng, Weiyang, Baqiao District,Xi’an.

  During the activity, we sent a total of 676 food gifts to 676 sanitation workers to represent our gratitude and respect to them.

  The sanitation workers who shoulder the mission of "cleaning the city and benefiting the people" are the most ordinary and lovable people.

We hereby appeal to all citizens and friends to actively participate in the care of sanitation workers, and reduce their the burden by reducing littering and civilized living, which truly reflects the care for sanitation workers and the awe of our living environment.


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