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Start the Year of 2020 with Love ——Visit Qinling Rescue Team and Warm Team Members’s Stomach On the first day of 2020, the temperature goes down by several degree, the fierce wind makes people feel awful......During new year holiday, most of us can accompany our family to celebrate the new year in our warm houses, while most people are still busying in public welfare activities. “Charity rescue, selfless dedication”, on the first day of 2020, Shaanxi Qinling Rescue Center still clings to their work, they have shown their selfless contribution to public welfare through their continuous effort and fearless spirit.Now, our volunteers are discussing about an emergency rescue action plan. At the beginning of new year, chins licKING team come to Shaanxi Qinling Emergency Rescue Center and visit the rescue volunteers. It is said that Shaanxi Qinling Emergency Rescue Center is a non-profit emergency rescue organization, it is established in November of 2s016, its business includes natural disaster rescue, accident rescue, public health and safety protection, social security incidents and emergency rescue training. Shaanxi Qinling Emergency Rescue Center has more than 500 volunteers and 80 formal staff. They have accomplished more than 200 emergency rescue tasks, and they also help local government organizations on public security, fire safety, medical care, various emergency rescue, health protection and urgent dispersion. It has become a powerful public non-profit rescue organization. In order to express our respect and gratitude for staff of Shaanxi Qinling Rescue Center, chins licKING prepared 60 gifts with value of ¥42,000.00 for them, we hope these foods can make sure they will not suffer starvation during their rescue operation. Chins licKING hopes the love can be passed continuously through practical action. We hope more and more people can join in public welfare team to make contribution for it. We hope our world is full of positive energy and love. The director of Shaanxi Qinling Rescue Center, Mrs. Zhao and the logistics captain of Shaanxi Qinling Rescue Center, Mrs. Wang are grateful for the concerns from Chins licKING and invite our representatives to attend their annual party. Let’s meet next time, our heart get closer even through the road is so far. Here, Chins licKING would like to express the best wishes for new year to all rescue staff and volunteers, people who are dedicated to public welfare activities, and millions of Chinese people.

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