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The first Chins licKING Vegetarian Diet Public Contest of 2019 was held on November 15th at the Hyatt Regency Xi'an. The grand occasion of the contest has attracted the attention and reports of many mainstream media.

Report from Haiwainet

Report from China Food.com

Reports from China Food Newspaper and Official Website

Report from Shaanxi.com

Report fromTencent.com 

Report from IFENG.com

Reports from Shaanxi City Express News and Today's Headline News

Report from Official Account Shaanxi Food Safety  

Reports from Dongfang.com and Ganquanrong Media Center

The successful holding of the Chins licKING Vegetarian Diet Public Contest has aroused widespread social attention and influence. Participating in public activity has allowed the public to feel the charm of a low-carbon and healthy vegetarian culture while tasting vegetarian food.In addition to the mainstream media, many online platforms, self-media, and individuals have also actively participated in the contest,  shared, forwarded the contest’s status,together with the public activity, to make vegetarianism, love and health reach the hearts of the people.

Reports from online platforms, self-media

Participants' sharing on Moments of We Chat 

Comments of Netizens
More attention and warm response, we will not list them here
On behalf of Chins licKING, I would like to thank all of the media and friends for their support, guidance and dissemination. Let's continue with the spirit of public activity and make the next Chins licKING Vegetarian Diet Public Contest even better.

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